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 This product is SO successful, Dr. Teplitz offers a 60-DAY Money-Back Guarantee - no matter the reason.  Teplitz, Inc. since 1974 
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PRO-GOLFER Randy Taylor had not won a tournament in 8 years. A week after taking Par and Beyond not only did he place second in a tournament, he came within one stroke of a tie for 1st place.  Now available on DVD, these scientific techniques will be YOUR secrets to success on the golf course!



This certainly makes you think about your game and what your priorities should be. The profile helps you understand how to improve your mental game
Dramatically Cut Your Handicap  Revolutionary Muscle-Checking  & Methods Lower Handicap

Par and Beyond has enjoyed success as a popular seminar for years - taken by golfers at all experience levels.  It is endorsed by Professionals who use these advanced methods in their teaching, since the scientific techniques do not conflict with conventional training.
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Golf Coach Vaughn uses Par and Beyond Techniques as Director of Golf
Coach Vaughn
Director of Golf; University of PA
with Dr. Teplitz

"Utilizing just a few principles I had my best round in months with my driver. Every drive I hit was extremely solid resulting in longer and straighter drives.

 I am excited about incorporating more of the principles in my own game and also in my teaching.”

Jerry Reymond
Lead Instructor
Summit Golf Academy, FL

I went to Par and Beyond to write about Dr. Teplitz’ technique with a certain skepticism but soon realized everything he taught made sense.

 When I got home, my next round of golf was my life’s best and now the techniques are part of every round I play!"

Tom J. Fox
T&L Golf Magazine

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Watch Introduction

Dr. Teplitz  is a Certified Brain Gym instructor; has a Ph.D. in Wholistic Health Sciences, and has been writing &  speaking about Performance Optimization & Stress Management since 1974. He's given 1700 presentations to over one million people & ...   Read more >>

The most effective golf help you have ever experienced. 

You know that pro-golfers typically have a mental-golf guru on their payroll.  For good reason.

Now you can too.  Just press play!

Dr. Teplitz (in company with Deepak Chopra) was named 1 in only 7 Golf Headmasters in the country (T&L Golf Magazine).

After years of high praise and very positive feedback on the application of his techniques on their golf games, his clients encouraged him to teach a seminar specifically for golfers - and that's how
Par and Beyond:  Secrets To Better Golf Seminar was born!


It's not just about Golf,
it's about Golf Energetics!

With this revolutionary approach to improving your play which has been endorsed as "better than a dozen trips to driving range", and applauded by Professional Golfers as showing you "the road map to the Zone" - you will not only be knocking off strokes, you'll be  impressing your friends.

Take the opportunity

to take strokes off your game effortlessly.

In fact, the feedback from the Golf-Seminar attendees was so overwhelmingly positive that Dr. Teplitz created a DVD of the seminar so every golfer would have the opportunity to experience the power of Performance Optimization.

Pro-golfers have reported immediate improvements to their game. Duffers have reported shooting their personal best by applying the techniques they learned from watching the DVD.     Golfer's Success

This information is so powerful that Dr. Teplitz sells this DVD at his seminars for $95.00. He has decided to offer a special internet only price of $39.97.  . You just pay shipping and handling!

To convey to you how this powerful Par and Beyond DVD will impact your game, he gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to watch the DVD, go out on the links, and see if what other golfers who have watched the DVD have experienced is true for you as well.

By the way, T&L Golf Magazine recently dubbed Dr. Teplitz as one of only seven Head Masters in the country.

Take advantage of his powerful approach allowing you to optimize your energetics and brain performance and immediately improve your game. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.   If you aren't absolutely thrilled with Par and Beyond, just send it back within 60 days and you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price. 

Many Talk about Getting in the Zone, but how?  And how do you stay there....     

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